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Our Visions and Aims

"Together We Grow and Learn"


Tymberwood Vision 

With the world of work set to fundamentally shift over the coming years due to technological advancements, it would be true to say, we can’t fully predict the range of jobs and opportunities our pupils will access when they enter the world of work. 


Therefore alongside a broad, rich and enriching curriculum, we must equip Tymberwood children with characters, virtues and values that stand the test of time. Pupils having the courage and ambition to tackle issues – such as: climate change - in the future is critical. Likewise, simple things, like having the empathy and desire to hold the door open for somebody is vital and speaks volumes for the adult you wish to become. Put simply, we see these as behaviours for life. 


These 'Behaviours For Life' are at the absolute epicentre of what we do and nurture within Tymberwood pupils on a daily basis.

Through a range of discreet lessons, role modelling, story books and assemblies, we ensure that the values are consistently re-visited and part of the life-blood of the school.  




Our whole school values chosen by the school community are:-