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Free School Meal Voucher during December Break

December Break - Benefit Related Free School Meals


Following the Government’s announcement to provide support to those most in need across England,  Kent County Council is pleased to announce that they intend to ensure vouchers are issued  to all families in receipt of benefits-related free school meals in time for the December break.


A quick explanation of how this will work 


1.   The school, after checking with parents,  has provided contact details to Kent County Council of all those entitled to  FSM vouchers.


2.   A voucher code will be emailed directly from KCC to yourself, hopefully by the end of the week - please look out for the following email address


3.  The voucher code to be used when you do your shopping.


Please read the attached documents which give you a more in-depth breakdown as to how this works and gives you contact details should you have any queries/issues regarding the voucher.