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Meet the staff

REAch2 Central Support


Miss G Clark

Deputy Director of Education




Headship Team

  Mr M Clark - Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Kelley-Day
Deputy Head/Deputy DSL/Inclusion Leader.

Reception Leader





Leadership Team


Mrs A Sabharwal





Mrs K Kowalewska
Acting Deputy Head

(Covering Maternity Leave)
Leader for Year 2


Miss C Waterworth

Head of Pedagogy

Leader for Years 5 & 6


Miss V Climpson

Leader for Years 3 & 4 



Class Teachers


                 Mrs Beresford Nursery
  Mrs S Brennan Reception - Carle
  Miss Z Relf Reception - Inkpen
  Mrs A Garford Year 1 - Rosen
  Mrs M Rai Year 1 - McKee
  Mrs P Chapman Year 2 - Donaldson
  Mrs N Smith Year 2 - Seuss
  Miss S Copeland Year 3 - Potter
  Miss E Gallyot Year 3 - Dickens
  Mrs A Hopkins/Mrs A Sabharwal Year 4 - Dahl
  Mrs B Taylor Year 4 - King-Smith
  Miss S Brazier Year 5 - Tolkien
  Miss E Mills/Mrs E Whitelaw Year 5 - Strong
  Miss C Waterworth Year 6 - Morpurgo
  Miss V Climpson Year 6 - Horowitz
  Miss K Quinn TPG


Support Staff


Mrs J Ingram

Mrs J Woolnough

  Miss L Ould Reception - Carle
  Miss T Judd Reception - Inkpen
  Miss N Harris Year 1 - Rosen
  Mrs T Graham Year 1 - McKee
  Miss A Holdaway Year 2 - Donaldson
  Miss A Holdaway Year 2 - Seuss
  Mrs D Poulton Year 3 - Potter

Miss M Souten

Year 3 - Dickens
  Mrs C Croxford Year 4 - Dahl
  Miss Bolton Year 4 - King-Smith
  Miss S Blackman Year 5 - Tolkien
  Miss S Blackman Year 5 - Strong
  Mrs A Birch Year 6 - Horowitz
  Miss A Felicien/Miss E Stapley Year 6 - Morpurgo
  Mrs J Barker Learning Mentor

Office Staff


Mrs N Mehmet - Family Liaison Officer


Mrs Kerr - Business Manager

Mrs Cook - Office Manager

Miss Foster - Secretary

Miss T Masters - Secretary





Mr R Adam - IT Technician

Mr G Johnson - Site Manager