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Parent/Carer Feedback

We always welcome feedback from Parents/Carers whether it is positive or negative.This page will be dedicated to sharing this with you all.

End of Year School Reports 2016-2017


"We were pleased to receive our child's report and see her progress. We are happy that the teachers recognised our daughters needs and abilities and have a good picture of her"


"Thank you for your kindness and care for our child over his nursery years. He has come on leaps and bounds. You have taught him all the necessary skills to start school. Fantastic Nursery Team!"


"Our daughter loves going to school and that is due to the hard work and dedication of all the teachers. A big thank you to them all."


"I am very pleased with my daughters report. Thank you for getting her to the stage she is at and I hope she does well at her new school like she has done with Tymberwood"


"Thank you so much for all the help with my son. You could not have done anymore for him"


"Thank you to everyone involved in my daughters learning. We have seen a great improvement with reading, writing as well as her speech"


"My son loves being at Tymberwood. Moving schools was a huge concern but was definately the right decision. We are very happy with his progress. We look forward and welcome the challenge of year 3"


"My son has really enjoyed year 6 both from a learning aspect and a social aspect with his peer group and teaching staff. I would like to thank year 6 for the teaching this year, as I believe my son has been pushed to achieve and strive the best he could"


"We appreciate the efforts that the school staff make to ensure that the school is a creative, intriguing and safe place to learn and develop"