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Year 4 Talent Show

On Tuesday, 21st March our wonderful Year 4 Classes showed their peers, the staff and parents/carers of Tymberwood Academy their wonderful talents!

Below you will find pictures of the wonderful talents!


The winners were:

1st Place - Albie

2nd Place - Millie and Hollie

3rd Place - George


Well done to all entrants - the overall level of talent was superb!


First up was Ella - she beautifully sang Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'. Even though she was first up, she stayed calm and confident throughout!



Next up was Luis, who very confidently sang his version of 'Treat You Better' by Shawn Mendes.



Following from Luis was a wonderful performance of 'Kung Fu Fighting' - such an amazing talent!

The 4th performance was from George - a very funny and confident comedian. Had all the crowd laughing from start to finish! George ended up winning 3rd place in the competition!



Following on from George, was Harry and Jordan with their rendition of 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' - they had impressive confident voices! 



Next up, was some rather very energetic skipping - the determination on the faces of the performers was amazing. Very impressive!



Summer, Sky and Libbie showed off their superstar talents by singing 'Touch' By Little Mix. They smiled throughout - a perfect performance!



Dawn and Anmol treated the audience to some rather impressive gymnastics! Their strength amazed the judges - perfect rhythm!


Alfie, Andrea, Shane & Riley treated the audience to a magic show! They dressed for the occasion and the magic worked! Truly stunned audience all round!



Next up, Albie. He very confidently sang 'Castle on the Hill' by Ed Sheeran. Great movement throughout - which is the reason he was given the 1st place spot by the judges!


The choreography and confidence was amazing during the performance of Maizie, Louise, Tuba and Melek in their performance to 'Trouble Maker' by Olly Murs!

Brandon and Roxanne showed off their amazing coordination and ball skills during their performance. Both showed just how talented they are at sport - keep it up!

Next up, Harrison and Sahib gave the audience another magic show - they were such skillful and thought-out tricks - very impressive!




A 2-piece girl band made up of Millie and Hollie grabbed 2nd place from the judges due to their coordinated outfits and their strong/confident singing!
Stephen's confident and clear voice was amazing - his rendition of 'Never Say Never' by Justin Bieber had the entire audience captivated!

Koen and Kayleb were up next, with a very energetic card trick. They had the audience involved from start to finish - Well Done!


Chelsea treated the audience to some freestyle singing - mixing 4+ songs together completely effortlessly - well prepared, Well Done!


Logan an Frankie did another wonderful performance of 'Stitches' by Shawn Mendes. Their voices worked so well as a duet!


Our 2nd to last act was Rio and Sanaa - their skills with the hula hoops was fantastic! The judges agreed they had never seen anything like it before!


Last, but not least, was Summer and Cara. Their performance of 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran was the perfect way to end the contest. They had put a lot of effort into their performance and it paid off!