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School Priorities

The recent ‘Good’ Ofsted, February 2017, and consistent KS2 and KS1 results, either broadly in-line or above national, the school is in a stable and secure position. This means- at this present time- the school is in exciting yet crucial part of it's development and journey moving forward. Strategic planning and decision making has been based around sustainability. Leaders are looking to the future; wanting to ensure that further improvements are made upon strong foundations and the drive towards Outstanding is measured, evidenced based, child centred and community relevant.



Summary of some of our key: Whole School Priorities 2018/2019


Attendance: Although we continue to improve our attendance, by 0.7% last academic year, and are proud of the progress, we recognise that more must be done to ensure we continue our upward trajectory towards the National Average. Attendance is an area we are and will continue to monitor robustly and drive forward with determination and purpose.

Thirst for and love of Reading’: With a 14% increase in our KS2 End of Year Stage Tests, we recognise that our refined approach to Guided Reading had an immediate effect. This is, of course, immensely pleasing. Yet, we know that we must continue to embed the Guided Reading approach and, alongside this, look for and inspire children in developing a deep love for reading. The introduction of our newly formed ‘Reading Hubs’ and staff Reading aloud to the pupils at the end of each day really is supporting children in understanding the value and enjoyment Reading can give.

  1. We aim to have a curriculum that is ‘down to earth’ and community relevant. Where Tymberwood children are giving opportunities to learn key skills, vital knowledge and experience things that they never anticipated. By doing this, children will be learning all subjects across a broad and balanced curriculum.
70% combined: We absolutely believe that children’s opportunities in later life, and when they sit their GCSE exams, have a direct relation to how they do at the end of Primary School. We recognise that at 66%, although above national average, we know we must continually develop and increase the numbers of pupils’ who are Secondary ready. We, therefore, will push for all year groups across the school to ensure that all children are achieving Reading, Writing and Maths at an age appropriate level. Furthermore, for those pupils that won’t reach that stage, ensuring good or better progress from their starting points.

Reading: Foster a real love for reading across our school; ensuring reading is exciting, interesting and it develops your knowledge and understanding.




Growth Mindset/Learning Behaviours:  Helping you understand our learning behaviours really well! This will allow your teachers to plan more challenging lessons, enabling you to take responsible risks and give you more opportunities to apply your skills in lessons.



School Priorities

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