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New Canopy Installation

Very exciting times for Year 1 at Tymberwood Academy. After months of planning, this week will finally see the canopy being built in the KS1 outside area. This will provide cover for outdoor learning all year round.

Monday 12th December

The final images of the outside learning area before the canopy installation starts this week!

Tuesday 13th December

Mr Quill is ensuring all staff and children are kept safe during the canopy works which are being carried out at Tymberwood! 

Wednesday 14th December

The workmen are here - its finally the day the work on the canopy starts! Keep a close eye today for all the changes that are happening to our outside learning area! 

Thursday 15th December

Another busy day with work on the Canopy! Structure likely to take shape tomorrow - keep an eye out for images!

Friday 16th December

The structure of the canopy has started to take shape! Starting to look amazing!

Friday 6th January 

We're very excited to announce that our Canopy is finished! The Year 1 can get back outside in the KS1 learning area.