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Horowitz & Morpurgo (Year 6)


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Using Question Tags

Adding & Subtracting Fractions

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Rounding to the nearest whole Number

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Mulitplying Simple fractions

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Adding & Subtracing Fractions

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Muliplying by a 2 digit number

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Dividing by a 2 digit number

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KS2 Home Learning Links (Free Access Code: UKTWINKLHELPS)

A website with over 500000 resources covering the breadth of the national curriculum. Some resources are free but you usually need a subscription to access the full range of resoruces. However, at the moment Twinkl are offering free access to schools and families affected by school closures.

Each PDF contains links for activities that cover a range of National Curriculum topics for every year group, including writing, reading, science and maths. All of the resources contained within this PDF have been selected to be used by parents and carers as a starting point for purposeful home learning tasks (pdf are attached just in case).

Interactive and self-marking activities

A website with links to a range of educational resources covering a wide range of national curriculum subjects.

A website with interactive phonics games to help children practice recognising their sounds, blending words to read and reading tricky words.

A website with access to a range of free English and Maths games.

Maths games for children aged from 4-11.

Links to maths games and activities, conveniently broken down by different strands of the maths curriculum .

Once you sign up to this website (it's free!) you can access a range of books, that can be sorted by age range, series, reading level or book type.

There are hundreds of interactive teaching resources, fun games and links to other interactive teaching activities on this free website.

Ideas for physical activity at home: - Fun yoga stories for children. - Music and mindfulness for children. - fun fitness resource for schools

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