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Things happening around school

Being part of Reach2 Academy Trust has given us the opportunity to utilise expertise from other schools within the Trust.

 Hillyfield Academy in London, are fortunate to have an Artist-in-Residence, Elizabeth Tarr.  Elizabeth works with the children, nurturing their talent to produce amazing artwork to display around their school.

We have taken the opportunity of having Elizabeth come to Tymberwood, 1 day per week, to work alongside our children.   


Please watch Twitter/Facebook for pictures




No doubt you would have noticed our new windows which have been installed in parts of the school, courtesy of REAch2. We are hoping that this will be a rolling programme and that the rest of the school will be completed in due course. 


To extend the learning of the year 1 pupils we are awaiting the delivery of a large canopy to make the year 1 outside area accessible all year round.  Will we post photos once this has been installed.